Terms & Condition


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Stocks Energy Limited offers a completely transparent investment policy to its stakeholders and investors in order to uphold our commitment to investors to ensure that their investment is performed with trust. We provide you with all the necessary investment information, such as favorable rates, spreads, and leverage, as well as additional perks of using our platform as an investor. Everything is offered to guarantee a secure and enjoyable Investment experience.

The Stocks Energy Limited platform is a type of speculative futures investment in its most basic form, with the payment being either a predetermined sum or nothing at all. The word "trade" is employed because of this comprehensive dual consequence. Investment Options may be used to invest in a wide range of assets, including stocks, indexes, currency pairings, commodities, and even commodities and stocks. These assets' primary requirement is that their values change continuously during the course of each day. This is significant because, when you buy a trade option, you are only making a speculative bet based on an asset's behavior over a certain period of time. Due to its easy up-or-down nature, low cost of entry, and higher return on investment earnings, Investment options have been quite popular in recent years (ROI).

They are now easier to access and more profitable than ever, and we offer investors a fantastic opportunity to make enormous profits in only one month.

The information in these terms of service is provided for stakeholders' and investors' guidance as they register with Stocks Energy Limited. Stocks Energy Limited has accepted the investor's application to open and have a managed account under the terms and circumstances of this agreement. This business/platform will keep a single account open in the name of the customer, execute cash-settled transactions with and on behalf of the customer, and offer any additional services or goods that the Stocks Energy Limited platform deems appropriate.

Prior to investing with Stocks Energy Limited, you must first register by selecting one of the numerous investment packages or account types we provide. Your account will be validated after you complete the registration process, and a trader or account manager will be assigned to you. The investor must fund his or her account with a minimum deposit of $300, which is applicable to the various investment packages and account types we provide, in order to begin Investing with us.

Investors have the option of withdrawing their money or rolling their accounts over when the Investment Duration time for the chosen package has ended (compounding).